God Wills It

God Wills it

In a time swept by the religious fervor of the first crusade, Salomon of Troyes must fight the fanaticism of his rival Samuel, face the fury of the Crusaders and fight to reconcile Jews and Christians with his sole weapon : his knowledge.

God wills it aims to draw the spectator into a human and intellectual adventure in the footsteps of Salomon of Troyes, a historical and leading figure of religious tolerance. Nowadays, it is under the acronym of Rashi that we know this Jewish scholar from Champagne, who lived in the 11th century, at a time when the very idea of ​​atheism did not exist. Salomon is known worldwide mostly for his biblical commentary, which remains the reference of the genre among Jews and Christians alike. This success, however, overshadowed the troubled circumstances in which he wrote it. Indeed, his life coincides with one of the most important events in the history of humanity: the first crusade. It is thus through the story of his existence, where friendship, love, hatred and jealousy meet, that the spectator will be transported into this historical event – never dealt with in a movie – and immerse himself at the same occasion in the fascinating and dangerous world of Scriptures and their interpretation.